Are you a local Business?

We sure are, we are based out of Fairview servicing the surrounding areas and all of Williamson County for Junk Removal.


Do you provide the Trash Cans?

Yes we do, our standard service comes with one 96 Gallon Trash Can with wheels(they are fancy).  You can add additional cans for $5/month.


What Areas do you Service?

For Weekly Pickup we're only servicing homes in the 37062 and 37069 Zip Codes.  For Junk removal we will go anywhere in Williamson County.


Do we have to Bag our Trash?

Yes, it makes it easier and more importantly safer for our drivers when the trash is properly bagged up. 


Will you come up our driveway and Get our Trash if you want us to?

Sure can, if you'd prefer us to come up to your house and grab the trash we're happy to provide that service.


What day will my pickup be?

We will confirm your pickup day after you sign up.  Feel Free to Call or Text us at 615-200-6576 with your address and we'll let you know what your pickup day will be.